Typical Requests For Services

Scanning of Bank Work Papers
We are evaluating digitizing our Insurance department records. Going back would be a one time huge job. We are interested in learning more about your business, security, storage formats and our ability to access these file.
Our storage area is full. We are looking to get information and pricing on your company scanning our files to an external drive of some sort. What are our options and your prices?
Appx. 980 banker boxes (single box is 25" long) of charts that we would like to have scanned. 80% of the pages are single-sided, 20% are double-sided. We would like to entertain scanning directly into the EMR or into an external hard drive.
Millman Surveying is a surveying company - we have about 7 years worth of files that need scanned - we don't have scanning equipment. Let me know how we can go about getting a quote