Typical Requests For Services

interested in document scanning solutions.
would like to get a quote on what it would cost to scan a large number of business documents.
We have 200,000 sheets front and back (so that makes 400,000 pages) that needs to be scanned and labeled. What would the cost for scanning this amount of pages? Would you travel to us to scan the documents or would we need to bring them to you?
I would like a quote on storing medical records. The records would consist of anywhere between 300-400 storage file boxes. Additionally I would like to know the cost of destroying the information after the minimum retention requirement (is it 7 or 10 years) and the cost to retrieve a record during the required holding period (7-10 years). It would be best for me if you could e-mail me information first and then I could follow-up with a phone call to clarify questions. Thank you.
What information do you need to give me an estimate for shredding several years of documents? Do docs need to be removed from binders? What about paperclips and staples