Typical Requests For Services

We have 200,000 sheets front and back (so that makes 400,000 pages) that needs to be scanned and labeled. What would the cost for scanning this amount of pages? Would you travel to us to scan the documents or would we need to bring them to you?
Give me a call on Monday, about document scanning.
Just starting this process,(consulting for a large, document intensive firm) and looking to come up with some ball park figures and some information on the whole process of converting paper files to electronic storage.
I am a psychologist and I have 10 to 15 regular letter size boxes of files. The boxes are the kind that paper comes in so I am not sure how many pages per box (I would estimate 1,000 pages). I need to have them scanned and then destroy the origina
Appx. 980 banker boxes (single box is 25" long) of charts that we would like to have scanned. 80% of the pages are single-sided, 20% are double-sided. We would like to entertain scanning directly into the EMR or into an external hard drive.