Typical Requests For Services

Our company has roughly 5 million pages worth of documents from the past 10 years. This will be a one time service and potentially a once a year submission of the years documents. We need the documents scanned and files placed on hard drives
: We are interested in scanning ~330 - 400 regular bankers boxes of documents. We require one index for each file. We prefer to have the files saved directly to our Electronic Content Management/archive system instead of to a CD.
We would like to have 40+ personnel files scanned and cataloged
We are evaluating digitizing our Insurance department records. Going back would be a one time huge job. We are interested in learning more about your business, security, storage formats and our ability to access these file.
We need a quote on scanning about 10 - 15 large manuals. These are 8-1/2 x 11" books containing approximately 500 sheets. About half of those are double sided. There is a mix of paper thicknesses, color & black/white, and about 10 - 20 11x17" pages p