Typical Requests For Services

Millman Surveying is a surveying company - we have about 7 years worth of files that need scanned - we don't have scanning equipment. Let me know how we can go about getting a quote
I am looking for pricing information for archiving; saving files to CD or Flash Drive. This will be an annual service for 50 or more banker boxes
We have a client whose file is three boxes, several files and expanding folders. We want to have it scanned and burned onto a CD so we can destroy the hard copy. Does your company do this? If so, how much do you charge per page? If you don't char
Scanning of Bank Work Paper. The project we have in Savannah Field Office consist of scanning and transferring information onto a DVD. Your company seems to meet everything we need to bring this project to closure.
We have between 3 and 4 4 drawer file cabinets worth of papers that need to be scanned in for archiving. They only need to be B&W double sided. THey are currently all filed on a shelf by binders. How do you get the documents to your place to scan?